YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam App Reviews

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Absolutely love it

Does better than the real thing love love love it


It looks so real I cant believe it.Beautiful makeup,different designs that you can try on whenever you want into 1 app,now thats awesome!!!!!

This is the best make-up app ever

I love this make-up app instant makeover and so simple to use!

Love the app!

Love it so much fun!


YouCam is a fun app to mess around with different looks. Wish you could pick out shirts too. But all and all I like the app.

Love this app!!!!

Easy to use and you can purchase the products you use to enhance your photos.

I LOVE THIS APP!!!!! Im always playing on it and I like to purposely make myself look WAY OVERDONE with makeup without having to take it all off!!!!

LOVE THIS APP!!! The best makeup app by far! I never have problems. If you know how to use it, like with any app, you can do some nice a** makeup. But Ive seen some ugly, very noticeable its fake, faces. But thats bc not everybody is talented with this kinda technology.

really fun!

This is awesome

Beautiful make-up selections and looks natural

Fun & actually realistic looking makeup!

I loveee using this so much fun & looks so real!

Its so much fun

I love this app it looks so realistic better than most of the other apps that are on the store. It gives you great ideas on what to do with your face and has so many little cool features to explore and have fun with.


This App is awesome, you dont need to be an expert in putting on make up, you came does an awesome job for you. I love it!!


This is a great app to mess around with!Best makeup app Ive tried!! I found this to be great for lip,eyes and foundation colors.Absolutely addicted!Thumbs up!

So much fun

I use this app for fun, like my nieces are not allowed to wear makeup, or to really touch up a photo, Ive used this app for a very long time and I love it very much. GREAT APP

Best app ever

This app has really been fun for me! Me and my friends use it on boys and they are like wow

Hours of Fun

Fun to play with different looks.


Was perfect. In the last few months, it crashes CONSTANTLY. They keep updating, but nothing changes. Id wait until you can see a positive review of the LATEST update--not the for all time review. It will be positive because it WAS good, and they update so frequently that the stats cant accumulate enough data to actually give a review on the most recent version. Its very bad now. When you see my review change back to 4 or 5 stars, it will be accurate. Otherwise, dont BOTHER with this app. Youll be so frustrated. I have iPad and iPhone and its the same on both.

Not bad

I like it but wish there where more options

So much fun to use

Love this app

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